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23_1_Zakuraev A. F.

Adyghe Int. Sci. J. Vol. 23. No 1. P. 28-36

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  Original Article

The concept for multi-functional high-speed main ekranolet ground-flange

Aslan Fuadovich Zakuraev
doctor of technical sciences, professor, academician of IAAS, RAT and IAESLPS, «Science Hero» of IAESLPS under the auspices of the UN, Vice President of the Association of Inventors, North Caucasus Federal District and Southern Federal District,

Abstract. The paper formulates the main concept for an ekranolet designing on a flyover, an analysis for the Held of the efficient use as well as basic information on the advanced design projects for various operating conditions, including the Far North, Siberia and the Far East climatic conditions.
Keywords: concept, ekranolet, ellipse, overpass, ekranoplan, longitudinal and lateral stability, longitudinal moment, angle of attack

Acknowledgments: the author are thankful to the anonymous reviewer for his valuable remakes.

For citation. Zakuraev A. F. The concept for multi-functional high-speed main ekranolet groundflange. Adyghe Int. Sci. J. 2023. Vol. 23, No. 1. Pp. 28-36.

The author has read and approved the final version of the manuscript.
Submitted 22.12.2022; approved after reviewing 14.03.2023; accepted for publication 18.03.2023

© Zakuraev A. F., 2023


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