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Zakuraev A. F., Ashabokov B. A., Vol. 23, No 2

Adyghe Int. Sci. J. Vol. 23, No 2. P. 27–39 

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  Original Article

Theoretical foundations creation of an ekranolet

with a special geometry of the wing and fuselage adapted on the flyover

Aslan Fuadovich Zakuraev
doctor of technical sciences, professor, academician of IААS, RАТ and IAESLPS, «Science Hero» of IAESLPS under the auspices of the UN,
Boris Azretalievich Ashabokov
doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, of the Department of mathematical methods of research of complex systems and processes, Institute of Computer Science and Problems of Regional Management of KBSC of the Russian Academy of Sciences (360000, KBR, Nalchik, 37-a, I. Armand street.),,

Abstract. The article briefly outlines foundations of the theory of creating an ekranolet with a special geometry of the wing and fuselage on an elliptical flyover. The issues of stability and controllability in the lateral perturbed motion of the ekranolet are considered, the determination of the conditions and the influence of aerodynamic characteristics under which the oscillatory stability of the ekranolet is ensured at all ranges of flight modes.
Keywords: ekranolet, ellipse, flyover, ekranoplane, planing vessels, aerohy-drodynamic force, longitudinal and lateral stability, longitudinal moment, angle of attack

Acknowledgments: the authors are thankful to the anonymous reviewer for his valuable remakes.
The authors declare no conflict of interest.

For citation. Zakuraev A. F., Ashabokov B. A.Theoretical foundations creation of an ekranolet with a special geometry of the wing and fuselage adapted on the flyover. Adyghe Int. Sci. J. 2023. Vol. 23, No. 2. P. 27-39.

The authors have read and approved the final version of the manuscript.
Submitted 17.05.2023; approved after reviewing 26.06.2023; accepted for publication 27.06.2023

© Zakuraev A. F.,
Ashabokov B. A., 2023


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