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Dear authors and readers of the journal “Adyghe International Scientific Journal”!

The journal “Reports of Adyghe (Circassian) International Academy of Sciences” is a peer-reviewed periodical scientific publication. Created in 1994 on the initiative of Adam Maremovich Nakhushev.

In 2022, the journal was given a title in English “Adyghe International Scientific Journal”

The official founder is the Adyghe (Circassian) International Academy of Sciences.

The objectives of the Journal: coordination and integration of the creative activities of scientists and artists, aimed at the development of science, education and culture; promoting the development of science and education; assistance in the training of highly qualified personnel in the field of science, culture and art; support for promising research, including those carried out by young scientists, scientists and cultural workers.

The Journal «Adyghe International Scientific Journal» publishes original scientific articles (Full Articles) in Russian, English and Kabardian languages in the field of mathematics, as well as a number of sections of the natural and human sciences, and meets the requirements for a modern scientific periodical.

The editorial board of the journal is represented by leading scientists from Russia, Abkhazia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey.

The Journal conducts scientific review of all papers submitted to the Editorial Office.

The Editorial Board policy is based on modern legal requirements concerning libel, copyright, legality and plagiarism. It complies with the Code of Ethics for Scientific Publications, formulated by the Committee on the Ethics of Scientific Publications, and is implemented taking into account the ethical standards of work of editors and publishers enshrined in the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editor developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors).

The Editorial Board follows the principle of zero tolerance to plagiarism. The incorrect citation shall be monitored with the help of Antiplagiat system.

All articles are assigned a digital DOI.

The Journal is distributed in Russian Federation, CIS and Baltic countries.

The Journal is indexed and archived in Russian Index of Scientifice Citation (RISC), sent to the libraries of leading scientific and educational centers in Russia, countries of near and far abroad.

The Journal offers direct open access to the full-text issues based, because open access to research results contributes to the global knowledge sharing.

PI № 77-3923 from 30.06.2000

Subscription index: 18615

All the materials of the Journal are available under Creative Commons «Attribution» 4.0 license

Since 2014, it has been published 4 times a year in the printed version ISSN: 1726-9946.

The journal was included in the list of periodicals approved by the Higher Attestation Committee of the Russian Federation for the publication of the main scientific results of the dissertation for the degree of doctor and candidate of science from 2010 to 2015 in all scientific specialties.

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