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Khuako_Vol. 22, No 4. P. 67-75

Adyghe Int. Sci. J. Vol. 22, No 4. P. 67-75. ISSN 1726-9946

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  Original Article

Language as a motivation to the motherland

(by the example of the adyges at Kadyr Natkho)

Fatimet Nalbievna Khuako
Leading Researcher of the Department of Marketing, Service and Tourism of the Faculty of Economics and Service of the Maykop State Technological University, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Full member of AIAS, ORCHID:,
RcscarchcrID:, Id—57205188981,

Abstract. The article analyzes the functional mission of the language as an instrumental mechanism operating within the consciousness of the Adyghe who is outside the Motherland. After considering a number of relevant theoretical aspects and concluding on their basis about the relevance of the issues of interaction between language and consciousness, the author turns to a specific text resource. The text of “Memoirs” of the compatriot Kadyr Natkho, who remained abroad, acts as the text in the work known in the Adyghe field. Analyzing the texts of some of his short stories and drawing conclusions on this basis about the mutual conditionality of the language and the consciousness of a compatriot, the author of the article associates the language with the power that builds individual thinking in its look at the Motherland both under mentality and under circumstances.
Keywords: language, consciousness, image of the Motherland, Kadyr Natkho

Acknowledgments: the author are thankful to the anonymous reviewer for his valuable remakes.

For citation. F. N. Khuako Language as a motivation to the motherland (by the example of the adyges at Kadyr Natkho). Adyghe hit. Sei. J. 2022. Vol. 22, No. 4. P. 67-75.
DOI: 1726-9946-2022-22-4-67-75

The author has read and approved the final version of the manuscript.
Submitted 09.12.2022; approved after reviewing 15.12.2022; aeeepted for publication 25.12.2022

© Khuako F. N., 2022


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