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Vol. 20, no 1. P. 91-95

Reports AIAS. Vol. 20, no 1. P. 91-95. ISSN 1726-9946

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DOI: 10.47928/1726-9946-2020-20-1-91-95


Research Article

Specific features of soybean cultivation in biological agriculture

Bliev S.G.1 – academician of AIAS, Khanieva I.M.2, Shogenov Yu.M.2

1Institute Branch of the FSBI «Rosselkhoztsentr» in Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Nalchik
2All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Corn, Nalchik

    The article presents the data of the research results on the use of microfertilizers and microbiological preparations on soybean crops in the conditions of the foothill zone of the KBR. Based on the results obtained during the field experiment, we made the following conclusion that the introduction of soybeans on production crops, the use of 125 a.i. borated superphosphate for chilly plowing is beneficial. It was experimentally confirmed that the pre-sowing treatment of seeds with manganese sulfate (20 g per hectare seed rate), zinc sulfate (10 g per hectare seed rate), 50% ammonium molybdate (50 g per hectare seed rate) in combination with the drug Haystic (Bradyrhizobium japonicum) – 400 g per hectare of seeds will allow producers in Kabardino-Balkaria to receive a stable increase in the yield of soybeans of 1.1 t / ha or more than 60%.

Keywords: microelements, soybeans, microbiological preparations, seed inoculation, yield, quality, yield structure.

© S.G. Bliev,
I.M. Khanieva,
Yu.M. Shogenov, 2020

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For citation. Bliev S.G., Khanieva I.M., Shogenov Yu.M. Specific features of soybean cultivation in biological agriculture. Reports Adyghe (Circassian) International Academy of Sciences. 2020, vol. 20, no. 1, pp.  91-95. DOI: 10.47928/1726-9946-2020-20- 1-91-95

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