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Vol. 22, no 1. P. 88-92

Reports AIAS. Vol. 22, no 1. P. 88-92. ISSN 1726-9946

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  Book review

Circassian world M. M. Khafitse

Ershov V. F. – full member of AIAS

Moscow State Regional University, Moscow, Russia

      The paper reviews the encyclopedia-reader M. M. Khafitse and M. A. Kerimova «Adygs: one of the most ancient peoples of the world: Circassian illustrated encyclopediya-reader with a literary review» published as part of the project of the AIAS President A. B. Kanokov on financing and publishing research papers on history, ethnography, orography, culture, literature, local history, natural resources.

Keywords: Adyghes, diaspora, encyclopedia-reader, ethnos, traditions, Caucasus.

© V. F. Ershov, 2022

Spisok istochnikov

  1. Cherkesskaya diaspora. Panorama kul’turnoy zhizni / Sost. M. M. Khafitse. Seriya «Mezhdunarodnaya Cherkesskaya Assotsiatsiya». Nal’chik: MCHA, 2020. 228 s.

For citation. Ershov V. F. Circassian world M.M. Khafitse // Reports of AIAS. 2022. Vol. 22, no. 1. P. 88–92. 

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