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Vol. 24, No. 1. P. 82–90

Adyghe Int. Sci. J. Vol. 24, No. 1. P. 82–90. 

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  Original Article

The peculiarity of creative individuality Circassian poet and writer Kurman Duguzhev

Hangeri Ilyasovich Bakov
Chief Researcher of the Sector of Kabardino-Circassian Literature of the Institute for Humanitarian Studies of the Kabardino-Balkarian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (18 Pushkin St., Nalchik, 360051, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Russian Federation), Doctor of Philology, Professor, full member of AIAS, Honored Scientist of KChR, KBR and RA, Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation, laureate of the International Kandurov Prize, member of the Union of Writers of the Russian Federation, ORCID: 0000-0002-4194-1718, 

Abstract. The article deals with the problem of creative individuality on the material of creativity of Circassian poet and writer Kurman Bakhsiyatovich Duguzhev (1941-1984). The issues of creative individuality and national originality are relevant in all periods of functioning of the literary process, this is especially true for young-descriptive literatures. Many authors have commented on the work of K. Duguzhev, but they are journalists, artists, poets, etc., but few professional literary critics have analyzed his works academically, so this article fills this gap to a certain extent. The introductory part characterizes the concept of creative individuality, notes the degree of its development, and emphasizes its role in the formation of young-written literatures of the North Caucasus region. The facts of K. Duguzhev’s biography that influenced the development of his creative individuality and the national uniqueness of his poetry and prose are presented using comparative-typological and chronico-historical methods. The most famous works of K. Duguzhev’s multifaceted creativity are subjected to aesthetic analysis. Special attention is paid to the theme of homeland in the civil lyrics. The questions of the writer’s skill occupy a significant place in the article. The article aims to investigate the problem posed, which is important for the Adyghe literary process. Its results can help the authors of literature textbooks, postgraduates, students, other literary scholars and critics to expand their knowledge about the works of the famous writer, whose works should enter more widely into the practice of schools and universities where Adyghe literature is studied.

Keywords: creative individuality, literary process, civic lyrics, method, literary theory, style, poetic realization.

Funding. The work was not carried out within the framework of funds.

Competing interests. There are no conflicts of interest regarding authorship and publication. Contribution and Responsibility. The author participated in the writing of the article and is fully responsible for submitting the final version of the article to the press.

For citation. Bakov H. I. The peculiarity of creative individuality Circassian poet and writer Kurman Duguzhev. Adyghe Int. Sci. J. 2024. Vol. 24, No. 1. Pp. 82–90. DOI:; EDN: SNNYMG

Submitted 14.02.2024; approved after reviewing 26.03.2024; accepted for publication 27.03.2024.

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