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Vol. 19, no 1. P. 7-15

Reports AIAS. Vol. 19, no 1. P. 7-15. ISSN 1726-9946

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Research Article

On relation of feedback control problems with loaded differential equations

Aida-zade K.R.1,2, Abdullayev V.M.2,3

Presented by academician of AIAS V.A. Nakhusheva

1Institute of Control Systems, National Aсademy of Sсienсes of Azerbaijan, Baku
2Institute of Mathematiсs and Meсhaniсs, Azerbaijan National Aсademy of Sсienсes, Baku
3Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Baku

       We consider a problem of controlling a heating appliance used for heating a heat-transfer agent, which delivers heat into a closed system. To control the process, we use feedback, under which Information on the process state used to form the current control values is continuously received from individual points of the appliance with installed temperature sensors. The mathematical model of the controlled process is described by a pointwise-loaded first-order hyperbolic equation. In the problem, both the parameters of a synthesized feedback control, and a location of the measurement points. In the paper, formulas for the functional gradient of the problem are obtained, which allow to use numeriсal first-order optimization methods to solve the problem. The results of computer experiments for numeriсal solution to the problem on test data are given.

Keywords: distributed parameters system, feedback, control synthesis, state control point, loaded differential equation.

© K.R. Aida-zade,
V.M. Abdullayev, 2019

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For citation. Aida-zade K.R., Abdullayev V.M. On relation of feedback control problems with loaded differential equations. Reports Adyghe (Circassian) International Academy of Sciences. 2019, vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 7-15.

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