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2019. Vol. 19, No 1

2019. Vol. 19, No 1

Reports AIAS. Vol. 19, No 1. 114 p.                       Download


Aida-zade K.R., Abdullayev V.M. On relation of feedback control problems with loaded differential equations 7
Askhabov S.N. – corresponding member of AIAS On the criteria for positivity of integro-differential convolution operators 16
Kal’menov T.Sh. – academician of AIAS, academician of NAS RK, Derbissaly B.O. On the boundary conditions of the wave potential in a domain with a curviline borders 22
Sadybekov M.A. – corresponding member of NAS RK, academician of AIAS, Sarsenbi A. On one inverse problem of reconstructing a subdiffusion process with degeneration from nonlocal data 31
Kenetova R.O. About mathematical model of the dissemination of passionarity 42
Lovpache Z.N., Khulaev I.V., Khulaeva A.I. The clinical effectiveness of azithromycin antimicrobial therapy used for the treatment of acute bacterial sinusitis 48
Kuek A.C. On the motives in the Adyghe nart epos 54
Panesh A.D. – corresponding member of AIAS Islamic factor in the history of the Circassians (end of the XVIII-40 s of the XIX century) 64
Khuako F.N. – academician of AIAS Historism of the adyg prose and its recognition at the master-teacher (on the 80th anniversary of Kazbek Shazzo) 71
Chuyako A.B. Place and role of the Adyghe children folklore in the educational process 76
Chuyakova N.M. An ongoing historical educational and ideological educational value of the philosophical genres of folklore 79
Shazzo A.M.  Adyghe term khasa as a legacy of hutt time 82
Balkarova S.B., Etezova M.B., Akhsalba A.K., Zholayeva F.B. The influence of the density of the solar wind on the convective storm-hail clouds 86
Kalov Kh.M. – academician of AIAS, Balkarova S.B., Kalov R.Kh. – corresponding member of AIAS, Etezova M.B. Heat and mass transfer processes between water and humid air 92
Shahmurzov M.M., Gordeev A.S., Getokov O.O. Rural territory: problems and solutions 98
Shahmurzov M.M., Magomedov K.G. Mutual influence of perennial herbs under co-sprouting 103

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