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2023. Vol. 23, No 2

2023. Vol. 23, N2

Adyghe Int. Sci. J. Vol. 23, No 2. 99 p.        Download

Mazhgikhova M. G. Initial value problem for differential equation of fractional order with variable coefficients and with variable delay 11
Shamoyan R. F., Tomashevskaya E. B. On Bergman type projections in bounded strongly pseudoconvex domains 18
Engineering Technology  
Zakuraev A. F., Ashabokov B. A. Theoretical foundations creation of an ekranolet with a special geometry of the wing and fuselage adapted on the flyover 27
Shogenova M. S., Hutueva S. H., Shogenova L. S., Muzhdabayeva E. L. Global climate warming and the expansion of ragweed – new problems in the spread of allergopathology, forecasts and prevention 40
Shkhagapsoev S. Kh., Ordokov A. A., Nadzirova R. Yu., Shkhagapsoeva K. A., Tkhagalegov A. H., Zhanokova L. A. Flora of the city of Baksan in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic: composition and structure 56
Shkhagapsoev S. Kh., Shono I. E., Zhanokova L. A., Zhankaziev R. A. Segmental fraction of the flora of Kabardino-Balkaria in crops of Zea Mays L. 67
Abazov A. Ch. The play “Andemirkan” in the North Caucasian dramaturgy: problems of attribution and dating 78
Khuako F. N. Maykop toponymy with regional chrono- and ethno- color 95
Firova A. The phenomenon of Adyghe (Circassian) ecological culture 102
Information for Authors and Readers of the Journal (in Russia) 105
Information for Authors and Readers of the Journal (in English) 107

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